Botanic Gold Testimonials

Here’s What People Say About Botanic Gold

“For people who are chemically sensitive like me, we fight a chemical and biological war every day. I wouldn’t dream of spending a day without Botanic GOLD close at hand.” – Kaylin D’Aire

“I’ve used Botanic GOLD for approximately 2 years. I use it for everything possible in my house. I clean toilets and everything else with it, use it to hand wash dishes, as well as in the dishwasher and the washing machine. The results are wonderful and consistent.” – Linda Tucker

“I keep bottles of 3:1 solution all over my house…[I] use it to wash my clothes, my dishes, fruit, wash, mop floors [and] every area of the kitchen – especially cabinets after cooking… [I also use it to] clean out the stinking garbage cans; take wax off floors, and clean walls. I want to thank you for such a safe wonderful product!!” – Judy Hoffman

“Because Botanic GOLD cleaned everything so well I used it all up and my house was never cleaner. It took out spots I thought would always be there. I used the 3:1 dilution for heavy corroded areas, 7:1 on others, and finally 31:1 as that was all I had left. The faucets had lime deposits and looked corroded. The tub and sink were dull with wear. After cleaning, it sparkled. I got all the deposits out. The rugs had stains that had been there for years, but they came out. Windows sparkled. Mildew came out of the ceiling in the bathroom.” – Faith Richardson

“One time I shaved and got a little nick. I was getting ready for church but a little blood spot had dried on my collar. I sprayed a 3:1 solution just on the spot with a towel on the back. I used a toothbrush and scrubbed it and another damp towel to rinse it without it getting too wet. The spot dried really fast, and I was able to wear the shirt.” – Jerry Taylor

“I carry a large insulated hot beverage cup around with me everywhere to drink green tea. When packing for a trip, I found that the inside of it had become stained. It is normally silver, but it was BLACK, coated with tea residue. I had previously soaked it in a 7:1 solution, but this time I filled the cup up with stronger 3:1 solution and let it soak overnight. In the morning when I poured it out, the Botanic GOLD was BROWN and smelled like tea, but the cup was bright, clean and silver again!” – Irene Hartfield

“The white boards that we use grease pens on in the office were cleaned with various very smelly cleaning products. I introduced Botanic GOLD as the standard board cleaner. Now the boards are sparkling white and the air is much nicer. It seems that the smell of the grease pens themselves stands out more now!” – Dave Brown

“I was very excited after trying Botanic GOLD on my sterling silver earrings because I didn’t even have to scrub my jewelry! In fact, I took a soap solution that had already been used to soak something else and REUSED it to clean the earrings. I didn’t have to scrub them at all. It is the best jewelry cleaner I’ve ever used.” – Lucrecia Luknic

“I love the way my clothes come out when I wash them with Botanic GOLD – they just feel really, really clean. I also used Botanic Gold in the spa, which smelled kind of like mildew. I cleaned the cover and it removed all the black mildew. I put the soap right in the tub and ran the filter, and it removed all the oils and the mildew scent. It also cleaned the black stains and surface rot on the wood outside of the tub. It made everything look like new.” – Nancy Burley

“The first time we used your wonderful product the results were quite dramatic. My husband was staining the house and fell from the ladder. The can of brown stain went all over the white sliding glass doorframes and all over my husband! Once I realized he was fine, I got the Botanic GOLD to try to help him get that stain off his head, arm, and legs. He was using turpentine to slowly scrub the stain off. I was amazed when I sprayed the Botanic GOLD solution on him and waited the prescribed 30 seconds. The stain just wiped off with a washcloth. It was so easy, safe and non-toxic. I was instantly sold on your product. I was able to easily clean up the stain that went on the sliders and the light trim. I was even surprised that the washcloths cleaned up beautifully. Thank you for your product.” – Ginny Humphrey

“I have been using Botanic GOLD to clean our new smooth glass stovetop. The new appliance came with a special cleaner to remove the brown cooked-on film that comes from water and other spills, but it has a very strong smell that makes me feel nauseated. Normally I spray Botanic GOLD (3:1) all over the stovetop, rub a little to get some suds, then I leave it soaking for a while. This works very well, but when we were doing a major cooking project for the holidays, I didn’t have time to let it soak. I needed to cook another dish, and the stovetop was still warm. When I sprayed the Botanic GOLD on the warm stovetop for a temporary clean up, I was amazed at how it came almost 100% clean right away – the HEAT made a difference! I had never tried it with a warm stovetop before, and it worked really well without the soaking time. I love this soap!” – Omar Yarce

“We [took in] two [foster] children with cystic fibrosis and because of the state of their lungs they cannot inhale toxins. It has been a lifesaver to them that I use Botanic GOLD to clean their bathroom and toilets, their bedrooms, carpet stains, deodorize the air, their mattress pads and clothes and everything they come in contact with. Because of the toxins in many shampoos nowadays I feel great that I can help by using chemical-free Botanic GOLD to wash their hair. I spray them down with Botanic GOLD before they get in the bathtub, especially their hands and fingernails and feet.” – Judy Hoffman

“I raise “Frenchies,” which are miniature French bulldogs. I clean my house and kennels exclusively with Botanic GOLD. I bathe my dogs in a 7:1 solution, and I constantly get comments about their shiny coats. – Clover Hedlund

“While I was getting my camper ready for the winter I noticed several spots and clumps of tar on the front of my camper. I used a 7:1 mix of Botanic GOLD and sprayed the areas. I let Botanic GOLD soak long enough to grab my towel. The tar came off in just a few wipes.” – Matt Sargent

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